Human Resources Services in Boston, MA.

Dividing time between attracting talent, employee education, and employer compliance leaves little room for much else. Troy Benefits Consulting will handle your benefit administration, keep you up-to-date on changing legislation, and provide an employee benefits package that will keep you ahead of your competition. For our clients that have a small business, we become your outsourced human resource service team. For our larger clients that have a dedicated human resource service team, we will become an extension of your organization.

We have the best of both worlds: top technology that is used by 95 out the top 100 insurance brokers and boutique level customer service. We provide our clients with a customized self-service portal that will streamline the benefits administration and on-boarding process. 

We guarantee that we are the most economical HR Solution. As your broker, we are compensated directly from the insurance carriers. All brokers receive the same rates for their clients. Whether you use Broker A or broker B the price is the same. With price out of the equation, the most critical aspect of finding a broker is choosing one that is accessible, and that will provide benefit related services throughout the year. 

We are highly engaged and very accessible but don't take our word for it. Call a few different brokerages and request the service team, not the new business team. Rate your experience, then call us. You will experience firsthand what it is like to have direct access to a highly engaged human resource service team.  

Some of Our Human Resource Services:

  • Customized self-service portal so employees can compare plans, find important company information, and enroll in benefits.
  • Access to hundreds of administrative tool-kits such as how to attract and retain top talent, tending strategies on how to mitigate healthcare cost, what you need to know when hiring interns and other entry level employees, leadership and development identification.  
  • COBRA administration.  
  • Checklist to ensure best practices on human resource issues.
  • Performance assessment and management strategies.
  • Recruitment strategies.
  •  Time and attendance management system. 
  • Affordable Care Act: 2019 Compliance Checklist.
  • When is the last time you reviewed your employee handbook? We can provide a customized, comprehensive employee handbook, with essential workplace policies. 
  • Making sure employees understand their benefits packages, so they can appreciate them and you. We provide a full suite of educational materials such as benefit videos, hard copy customized benefit guide and customized self-service benefit portal. 
  •  Total compensation statements making sure your employees understand the total value of working at your company: their salary plus their benefits packages.
  •  Operational checklists and timelines.
  • On-boarding employees, opinion surveys and exit interviews  

Call us today and experience what is like to have a highly accessible and highly engaged human resource service team. 

Human Resources Services. Boston, MA.
Human Resources Services. Boston, MA.