Health Plan Consulting


Choosing the right health plan for your company is a significant financial investment. For many companies, the second-highest expense after payroll is healthcare. It is essential to find a strategic broker who is going to be highly engaged and focused on your business. It is imperative to provide the following services when assisting employers with choose the right health plan for their company:

  • Comprehensive benefit and financial analysis, competitive marketing, plan design guidance such as fully insured, level funding, self-funded, and consumer-driven plans. 
  • Forecast financials so you can plan accordingly and adjust benefits as rates and marketplace trends change. 
  • Review claims quarterly if you are experience-rated.
  • Compare actual experience to prior renewal projections. 
  • Analyze claims data to find cost-saving opportunities for your plan. 
  • Explore alternative stop-loss vendors.
  • Complete a dependent eligibility audit.
  • Implement disease management or wellness initiatives or expand upon existing programs.
  • Offer additional employee education regarding health care consumerism and making informed health care decisions. 
  • Consider plan design changes such as raising deductibles or copays for out-of-network providers, implementing a tiered prescription drug plan design, offering a consumer-driven plan, or increasing employee cost-sharing in other ways. 
  • Review network including in-network access and usage level, quality and tools for measurement, key additions and deletions and disruption study. 

Our goal is to make our clients benefits package as attractive as possible while balancing the needs of their budget. Since insurance is so expensive, and legislation is consistently changing, we assist human resource department throughout the year. We know how to save companies time and money.

Strategic Health Plan Consulting
Strategic Health Plan Consulting