Benefit Communication

Health Insurance is one of the most significant expenses after payroll. If benefits are not communicated effectively to employees, they don't appreciate them.  We have a lot of enthusiasm for what we do and find it is contagious. We make sure employees understand their benefits. We achieve this goal with a multi-part approach. In addition, to our online enrollment technology we hold open enrollment meetings to explain not only benefits but also marketplace trends. When employees understand their benefits, they are much more likely to appreciate them and their employer. 

We take a lot of pride in our customized benefit communication guides. Our guides incorporate your company logo and colors. 

  • Create customized online inter-site for employees to enroll in benefits.
  • Create customized employee benefits guides.  
  • Create customized employee handbook.
  • Facilitate every aspect of open enrollment.
  • Provide visual guides such as videos and webinars.
  • Translation services.
  • Customized digital surveys.

Customized Online Inter-site and Benefit Guides
Customized Online Inter-site and Benefit Guides