When you partner with us, we do not charge additional fees for our services. Since commissions are already included in the cost of group insurance, typically, brokers will advise on health plans and assist at the annual renewal. As we all know insurance is costly & healthcare legislation is frequently changing. Unlike most brokers, we engage in all aspects of employee benefit programs throughout the entire year. We will become an extension to your human resource team, provide a comprehensive wellness program and advise on employment laws. You will always have a dedicated benefits consultant and a workplace wellness nutritionist.

We will leverage data analytics, claim experience, rate negotiations, disease management resources, and proactive wellness programs. Additionally, we have a full suite of human resource tools that we provide at just the right time. You will always have a dedicated benefits consultant. 


After payroll one of the highest expenses for a business owner is health insurance. We take a multi-part approach to communicating and educating employees on their benefits. In addition, to our benefit technology platform we hold open enrollment meetings to explain not only benefits but also marketplace trends. We take a lot of pride in our customized benefit communication guides. Our guides incorporate your company logo and colors.  

When employees fully understand their benefits, they are much more likely to appreciate them and their employer. 

Additionally, we have expertise in employee life-cycle management: attracting & retaining, onboarding, employee handbooks, attendance tracking, total compensation statements, COBRA, employee engagement surveys, administration and exit interviews. We are a highly engaged team. Reach out today and get the best team for your business.  

Benefit & HR Services for Midsize Employers

Benefit & HR Services for Midsize Employers